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570 Gallon Mix-Use Cell Tank

*Illustration may show accessories that are available at extra cost.*

The Cell is designed to provide excellent space utilization when set up in rows and stacked 2 high. A 2 high stack uses 0.85 sq. ft. per barrel compared with 1.25 sq.ft. per barrel when stacked 6 high on barrel racks. They include fork truck pockets. For safety reasons, it is advisable to put the upper tank in place empty and then fill it. Reverse the procedure when draining. The standard frame finish is hot dipped galvanized with Burgundy powder coat, as shown, at no additional cost. As single

The standard frame finish is hot dipped galvanized with Burgundy powder coat, as shown, at no additional cost. As single

As single units, they often fit into small spaces unsuited to other uses. Access is only required at the front end of the tank as the included drain valve, sample valve, top man way, fermentation lock and optional racking valve are all located on one end of the tank. The empty tank may be manhandled onto its side to allow maintenance access. (Observe confined space rules if entering the tank.)

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