A Leading Supplier of Liquid Containers, Drums and Extraction Systems
for Industrial, Commercial use and Ultra Clean Containers and Extraction
Systems for the Semiconductor, Electronic and Medical Industries.

  Industrial & Commercial

Totes, Drums and Accessories for Industrial
and Commercial Applications including: Oil, Chemicals, Pharmaecutical and Food

Semiconductor, Electronic and Medical

Ultra Clean Containers, Extraction Systems,
Drums and Bottles for Semiconductor and
Electronic Industry Applications


US Coexcell

US Coexcell, Inc.

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DrumQuik® PRO

The easy-to-use DrumQuik® PRO is a quick connect chemical dispensing system from Colder Products Company that allows the user to empty the container contents in a "closed" manner minimizing exposure to fumes or chemical contact.

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DrumQuik PRO and DrumQuik PUR

DrumQuik® PUR

Use the DrumQuik®PUR for stringent clean applications, such as semiconductors and pharmacaeuticals.

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