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275 Gallon Reconditioned IBC Tote

The WMX275 Reconditioned IBC is excellent for stability stacking and holds 5 drums worth of product in the space of 4. WMX275 is ideal for high bay warehousing storage. Our 275 Gallon totes have reconditioned bottle, cage and pallet. The patented geometrical features of the bottom plate ensure the highest degree of stability and minimum residual contents. The WMX275 is available in a variety of equipment packages and approved for filling of goods up to a maximum density of 1.9. Safeguarded from extraneous effects. The specially reinforced bottom plate coupled with the warp resistant tubular steel grid jacket, made via a patented welding process, perfectly safeguard the WMX275 from any extraneous effects. Corner guards made of polyethylene further protect the inner container. Multi-trip capabilities to protect the environment. The Container Technology, unique retrieval, and reconditioning system helps to preserve resources and protect natural foundations of life.

The WMX IBC has a Reconditioned Bottle, Valve, Lid, and Previously used Cage in good condition


  • Approved for filling goods of a density up to 1.9
  • Perfectly suited for high bay warehousing (specially reinforced bottom plate prevents deflection)
  • Can be stacked up to 4-high
  • Reinforced, warp resistant tubular steel grid jacket
  • Additional corner guards protect the inner container
  • Available in a variety of equipment packages

Inner container

  • Extrusion blow-moulded HDPE
  • SMP protective barrier (also available)
  • UV protection (also available)

Outer jacket

  • Welded tubular steel grid
  • Galvanised

Bottom plate

  • Made of steel plate to provide stability and to facilitate minimum residual contents
  • Specially reinforced





Steel Frame


Steel Runner


Steel Frame



Plastic Runner


Full-Plastic Frame



Full-Plastic Runner


UN 31 HA1/Y (also available)

  • Maximum density 1.9

FDA (also available)

  • Safe for food products

WMX 275

  • 270 Gallons

WMX 330

  • DN150

    with screw cap
  • DN225

    with screw cap
  • DN400

    with clamp-ring lid
  • Integrated butterfly valve

    DN 50

  • Screwable butterfly valve

    DN 50

  • Screwable butterfly valve

    DN 80

  • Screwable butterfly valve

    DN 150

  • Screwable ball valve

    DN 50


Filled ECOBULK according to the specific weight of the filling goods.

Load Image
  • WMX 275

    • 150 lbs - Wooden Pallet
    • 134 lbs - Steel Pallet
    • 143 - Plastic Pallet
  • WMX 330

    • 157 lbs - Wooden Pallet
    • 157 lbs - Steel Pallet
    • 159 - Plastic Pallet

Load Image Max. 4-High

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